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Roofing Hail Damage | Roofing Storm Damage | Roofing Wind Damage

Hail and wind storms cause serious damage to roofs in the Dallas-Fort Worth area every year, especially during the Spring and Summer months. The professionals at Red River roofing and Exteriors can help inspect your roof for wind or hail damage and can help file and negotiate your insurance claim.

Red River Roofing and Exteriors is proud to be permanently located in Fort Worth, TX and to have a blemish free track record. Please be aware that after damaging storms, out-of-town “storm chaser” roofing companies frequently try to sell new roofs to local homeowners. These companies aren’t interested in a long-term relationship with their customers and aren’t readily available if you experience problems with your roof.

Many home insurance providers offer a discount if you choose hail-impact shingles for your replacement roof. Since we specialize in residential roofing projects in the Dallas-Fort Worth area we are well versed in the benefits of various hail-impact resistant shingles, and can help explain your options in order to protect your home and receive a potential discount from your home insurer.

Roofing Insurance Claim

If you suspect you have hail damage and need to file an insurance claim, please contact Red River Roofing and Exteriors for a free hail damage inspection. If your roof has hail damage, you should call your insurance agent to start a claim.

An insurance adjuster will then visit your home and inspect your roof. We are experienced with meeting with insurance adjusters, and are happy to meet with your adjuster to discuss the details of the project.

Our team of professionals will help ensure that you receive your full benefit from your insurance company and that your roof is replaced with high quality shingles and workmanship that meets or exceeds the quality of your previous roof. We will help you navigate the claims process and make sure that you are treated fairly by your insurance company.

The professionals at Red River Roofing and Exteriors are very experienced in the identification of hail damage. We will even take a look at additional hail damage that may have occurred, such as windows, siding, air conditioning units, fences, play structures and other outdoor area.

If you suspect hail or wind damage, contact us at 833-353-ROOF (7663) for a free damage inspection.

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